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Photo: www.womenshealthmag.com; iStock/SolStock
08.03.2017. intimate

Couples Who Take Turns Doing This Have More Sex

Who knew doing the laundry could be such a turn-on?ma

Here's a reason to take turns doing the dishes with your significant other: New research shows the more equally you split housework, the more sex you have. In the past, researchers found the opposite to be true, but the reversal makes sense considering couples today say they're most satisfied when sharing responsibilities, whether that be earning money, parenting, or cooking dinner.

And satisfied couples tend to get hot and heavy more often. "Today, love is based on shared interests, activities, and emotions," historian Stephanie Coontz said in the study's press release. "Where difference was once the basis of desire, equality is increasingly becoming erotic."

Source: By Alex Dunne; http://greatist.com/

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