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26.04.2018. seksoteka.eu

Marina Krleža: Sexuality is My Calling in Life

Until now nobody communicated in the right way about the sexuality in the Balkans, neither the Church, nor the politics, no schools or any other relevant institutions

WhishMatch was granted author’s rights for publishing Seksoteka columns

Sexuality. What a wonderful topic! How grateful I am for the privilege to write about it in small Croatia – place where the Balkans meet the West. The country in which forces of the past get together with trends of the future. It is a huge challenge to transform well-established sexual status of this nation into something more progressive, dynamic and open. That is what I have set up to do with this column. For me, it is important to create the kind of content that I myself would read with pleasure.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am 40 years old, but spiritually I still feel 25. (My two photo galleries are under the profiles here on WhishMatch, so check it out). I am an optimist, creative person and a big child deep inside. I am well known as founder of Seksoteka, content and community manager of our Croatian Facebook page. Yes, I am the one publishing the posts and mostly replying to people's comments. Besides, I am editor-in-chief of our web page, responsible for all the content for the two years of our existence.

For those who don’t know anything about me, I am a Croatian Language teacher, who decided to leave education system after eight years of teaching Croatian in primary and secondary schools, retrain in digital marketing, and, after two years of experience in my new line of work, dedicate myself to sexuality – topic I have been researching since my first masturbation at the age of four, when I did not know, that what I had been doing is, actually, masturbation. Soon after that I realized that sexuality is my calling in life.

Sigmund Freud claimed long ago that sexual impulse is already developed as early as at age 2, and the latest research prove that this margin could be moved even to an earlier age. If, as babies, we feel our mother’s timbre or fear of people in our surroundings, why would you think that we do not feel our own and other people’s sexuality? That is definitely a topic that I intend to explore further with pleasure in time to come.

People are very intelligent beings and should constantly explore their sexuality as important fuel for life, almost as important as love. Yet, the Church, as institution, constantly and pointlessly suppresses it, just like politics. Their attitude towards sexuality is that it is something unwanted and irrelevant, except for when it serves for reproduction purposes. In addition, the Church does not approve of masturbation, which is, in my opinion, more important for human health than sex itself.

All over the world, many authors write about sexuality quoting data not supported by research, wrong statistics, false experiences, all for the purpose of selling the content and making a quick profit. Those who live sexuality know that it is not something to be guessed at. It is to be honestly explored, with open heart and mind. And that is why I show my love for people by communicating sexuality.

Maybe I do not know more than many of you about sexuality. However, I managed to create public space and begin to communicate about it aloud. Therefore, I would like to express my enormous gratitude to all followers who shared their own experiences in your Facebook posts until now. They are among the pioneers in Croatia by being engaged in public dialogue on this topic.

The thing that makes me different from some of you (primarily referring to female audience) is that sex and love to me are separated. I am not sure if I have ever made love, which is another excellent topic for future columns. Sex is exclusively physical to me, just like masturbation. Love is a spiritual and emotional domain that has nothing to do with physical pleasure. I think it would be good if more women would start to think like this, because I think it could bring us a lot of good in future.

In general, I am not a predator, nymphomaniac or man-eater, but I have always explored sexuality freely, experimentally and undisturbed by social conventions. I like to play when I want to, how and with whom I want to, and you will find out more about my experiences in time. This kind of lifestyle pleases me and is partially a reason that I am not married and without children. Many people think that it is related to promiscuity, but it is not. In addition, my bisexuality and preference for open relationships are not necessarily connected with numerous experiences, but with not limiting myself.

Why 'Sexurbations'? Because I think, sex and masturbation are both equally important in lives of mature men and women, but just as well in lives of children, adolescents, youth. They are also important in lives of senior citizens, but it is a topic rarely talked and written about.

There is so much more that I want to write to you, but I do not want to exaggerate this first time. I invite you to leave your comments under this column here on WhishMatch, and let me know what you think, but also what you would like to read about. We will virtually socialize a lot and I am really looking forward to it. It will be like long-term sex. There will be some mutual questioning, changes of positions and growing together. Sometimes we will look in each other’s eyes, sometimes not, sometimes we will fantasise, explore and come. However, first of all, we will communicate.

Because until now nobody communicated in the right way about the sexuality in the Balkans, neither the Church, nor the politics, no schools or any other relevant institutions. Sexuality, that beautiful part that determines us in so many ways, has been marginalized without any justification, just for the reason not to make people happy in the long term. Allow yourself that kind of happiness.

Whatever you are like when you have sex and whatever sex is for you, do not be ashamed of your sexuality. Release it from all your pores. Scream out load about what inhibits or concerns you, but also be loud when your orgasm comes. Know that I will be with you during such moments. I promise I will look for solutions to your sexual problems, but I will also imagine myself around you while you enjoy in sex and masturbation.

Yours, in sexual sincerity,

Marina Krleža
Founder of Seksoteka, Digital Marketing Specialist, Writer, Croatist, Ex-Journalist, Ex-Radio Show Host and Ex-Croatian Language Teacher. Art lover, pacifist, Freudian and Houellebecq fan

Source: https://seksoteka.eu

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