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24.05.2017. naturism

Nudism/Naturism swims: Transgender people welcome — Turning the Page blog

A Vancouver public swimming pool is in the news today after hosting what some media are calling the city’s “first transgender-inclusive public swim.”

According to a report on the Global News site, “The Vancouver Park Board hosted its first trans-inclusive public swim on Sunday, as part of a pilot project to make the city’s recreational facilities and programs more inclusive.”

Another report, on the Metro News site, says: “Going forward, the park board intends to update signage across the city, install lockers outside of change rooms for people who don’t want to enter gendered spaces and create more universal, private showers and change rooms wherever possible,” according to a parks spokesperson.

Which is great news for trans people — who want to wear bathing suits in public spaces.

But trans people (anywhere) who are hailing the progress of the park board’s move might also want to look into social swims put on by nudism/naturism organizations, where bathing suits are not worn and where everybody undresses in the same changing room. Many — if not most — naturism groups that hold social nudism events accept LGBTQ people because, in fact, your sexual orientation and/or gender identity are totally irrelevant. As is your size or shape or endowment etc.

Social nudism events are about liberation from the multiple hangups of the textile world, and they are empowering to all who participate. As the Wikipedia entry on naturism says, “Being nude in groups makes all feel more accepted – physically, intellectually and emotionally.” You can read more about it there, but I do want to add one more reassuring quote from the section on Naturism ideals: “It is generally agreed by naturist organisations that eroticism and blatant sexuality have no place in naturism and are, in fact, antithetical to its ideals.”

As my longtime readers know, I am a member of the Ottawa Naturists/Naturistes de l’Outaouais, so I can speak for them by saying the group does welcome LGBTQ people. Go to their website for contact information.

I can’t speak for any other particular nudism/naturism organizations, but I do know that many welcome LGBTQ people. You can look for groups in your area and contact them.

I also invite LGBTQ-friendly naturism groups around the world to put out the welcome mat by posting their links in the comments section of this item.

Source: Jillian Page, Montreal Gazette; http://montrealgazette.com

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