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Fotó: http://www.propercroatia.com
19.04.2018. naturism

Top Nudist Beaches in Croatia

Thinking of bringing your birthday suit to the Croatian shores? There are plenty of nudist beaches on the Adriatic where people roam, well…completely free, and everyone’s pretty cool about it.

Europe’s never been afraid of the naked body (think Michelangelo’s Statue of David). So it’s no surprise that a number of nudist, or naturist beaches as they are often called, have dotted the Croatian coast since the early 20th century. The Istria region, in particular, is very welcoming to Western naturalists and provides the best nude beaches around! See list below.

Side note on nudist etiquette: We understand first-timers’ apprehension to seek out the uncovered coasts, so before we get into the locations, read on about proper behavior.

Naturalist destinations are marked with the sign “FKK” meaning freikörperkultur or Free Body Culture. Don’t ditch the clothes until you’re away from textile (clothed) territory.
How to be Naked in Sandy Public

Don’t be intimidated; you’re actually more invisible than you feel. Being socially mindful is key—no gawking, filming, sexual intercourse… or anything creepy really. You’ll definitely want to read people’s body language to see if they’re just trying to be one with nature or actually in the mood to strike up a conversation.

Naturalist destinations may be hard to spot because every beach is a topless beach in Croatia. But the legitimate ones are marked with the sign “FKK” meaning freikörperkultur or Free Body Culture. Don’t ditch the clothes until you’re away from textile (clothed) territory.

Top Istrian Beaches Sporting the Au naturel

Sol Polynesia Beach: Part of the textile tourist village, Katoro, and only 2 km from the town of Umag, Polynesia has a reserved nude area available to the public with a fee.

Kanegra: Kanegra’s a quiet, private beach and cam-accepted site located near Umag. Complete with bungalows too!

Karpinjan Beach: You’ll find Karpinjan just north of Novigrad’s cozy old town.

Poreč Beach: The naturist area of Poreč is south on “Sv. Nikola,” another ridiculously beautiful island.

Solaris: Situated on the southern Lanterna peninsular, 12 km from Poreč, Solaris is a beach and auto camp with apartments and pavillons for 4,500 people.

Zelena Laguna & Bijela Uvala: Zelena Laguna contains a naturist beach in its eastern area. “Bijela Uvala” is right next door with a nicely arranged nude area.

Istra: This pebbly beach and auto camp rests on a peninsula surrounded by small islands, near the fishing village of Funtana.

Villas Rubin Beach: You’ll find naturist waters just 3 km away from Rovinj at Istrian-style, textile tourist complex, “Villas Rubin.”

Crveni otok (Red Island): A 15-minute boat ride from Rovinj will take you to this fun, nude destination.

Veštar: A greener naturist shore close to Rovinj lies in the textile auto camp, Veštar.

Sv. Katarina: You can visit a private naturist spot on the western end of the gorgeous islet of Sv. Katarina (St. Catherine).

Punta Corrente / Zlatni Rt / Golden Cape: This beach is close to the very popular Melia Eden hotel and only 400m from downtown Rovinj and near the Zlatni rat—Punta Corrente (Golden Cape) park. Many naturists also visit Skaraba bay in the park.

Valalta: Valalta houses a nude beach and camp site in the Limski Kanal (Lim Channel), 7km from Rovinj.

Koversada: You can find another beautiful nudist spot, campgrounds, apartments, and villas at the entrance to Lim Bay, next to the Island Koversada. This shore includes a campground, apartments and villas.

Kažela: Kažela is a large camp site with its own beach situated by Medulin Rivera, a prime tourist board.

Veli Brijun island: This nudist nook is located within the national park, Brijuni and a 15-minute walking distance from hotels at Veli Brijun.

Senjavac: To complete our list, we have a small secluded beach at the end of Sv. Ivan village, walking distance from Mošćenička Draga.

Forrás: http://www.propercroatia.com

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